B.C. Rich Mick Thompson M7 Warlock Reviews 4

I bought it at the offical Dutch dealer. Staffhorst in Utrecht for 300,-.

First of all. It's my 10th guitar, I'm a bit of a collector. It gives great value for money which is always a big question with cheap guitars. The sound is good. High output and bright sound. Sustain is okay (good concerning the price). The neck is fast and playes very good. I like the bridge (I think i't's better than the brigde on most Les Pauls) and have no complaints about the hardware. Another great thing is the complete package that you get. A gigbag, cable, strap, wristband and picks, which make it extra value for money (eventhough it's all not the best of quality).

The quality of the extra's is poor... but at least there are extra's.. De detailing and binding could be a bit beter, but are not bab concerning the price.

I've had no problems with hardware or construction. I have 2 BC Rich guitars. They both give good value for money.

The looks are awesome! The sound and quality are both good value for money. Nice guitar for playing Metal (high output, bright sound). Good choice for low budget players or collectors, but not at all a bad guitar for experienced players with a bit more to spend.

John Russchen rated this unit 4 on 2004-12-20.

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