B.C. Rich Mick Tompson Signature Warlock Reviews 5

I got this demon of a guitar from a music store in my town in Maryborough Australia I paid $700 Australian ( i paid less cos of a trade in but that is what it was listed for). by the way it is the real signature not a rip like some other people have.

Damm i love this guitar i just melts in your hands.When i fistplayed this guitar i played it siting down, it wa nothing special to feal but when i straped it on ohhhh god the buttter.....it had all the right weight in the right places at the right time. i rocked my world. okay now i have expresed my opinon i shall get on with it well i has a sick ass body design with black finsih and white binding on the body and headstock. the headstock is soooo good on this guitar it is bigger than it looks but that is such a good thing. the pickups are kewl they are emg pickups which i recomend to anyone. they have smooth tone in the middle section of the pickup switch and hevey tone for the neck pickup and that nice metal tone for the soloing pickup at the bridge. these pickups are good nomatter what the amp i played it on a 100 watter and it sang and i played it on a 12 watter and it did the same nice singing. also the neck is fitted just nice for us metal players.... it is soo comfoy.

about the only thing i dont like about the guitar is the fact that it only has one knob the volume and no tone or nothing but the pickups make up for it also one of the juttty bits on it gets a bit in the way while plam mutting if your used to resting your arm on the guitar while playing.

the constuction is deffenatly made for punsihment i mean if you have ever played an epiphone demon then youd know what punishment it cos i played one and it took a chunk out of my door when i turn around but didnt even scratch the guitar the the damm warlock put a hole in my wall when i droped it i mean a fist sized hole and dint even scratch it also. the qulity is amasing most guitars after a while you scrtach them or screw up a pickup bu this is indestruckable

the bottom line is that if you got the money GET IT cos there is nothing better at that price.....just dont complane about your shitty fender and get it

Sicness rated this unit 5 on 2003-08-16.

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