B.C. Rich Mockinbird Bronze Version Reviews 5

I got this beast for 150$ at DC Mucic, I really didnt know much about bc rich guitars so I thought I'd try one out and as soon as I played it I bought it.

This axe roars and screams and for some reason it can hold a tone much longer than other guitars I've used(fender strats) this thing is very playable and is very comfertable to play, I've heard some complaints about BC rich making heavy guitars but I think they are really nice as far as weight is concerned so unless your weak it should be cool. This thing is great for playing all kinds of music but its a hard tail but an fx pedal will fix that right up. Oh yeah this thing is real durrable too. This is definatly not a Delong POS me-too guitar

The fact that people think the bc rich name only extends to the crappy goth rock no skill slipknot crap.And that most people dont give credit to bc rich for high quality guitars.those are the only things I dont like

Really dark rosewood neck thats really fast 2 humbuckers 1vol. 1 tone this thing is a really high quality guitar

Great guitar sounds and looks great buy this guitar

supermax rated this unit 5 on 2002-11-22.

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