B.C. Rich Mockingbird Platinum Series Reviews 5

I paid 333,-- €. It was a special price. I bought it via internet.

I like the powerful and high-output sound of the bridge pick-up. Man it burns & kicks ass! The neck pick up is o.k. I also like the design & the price. Itīs also very good to play!! All in all I was really suprised and I couldnīt believe it how good the guitar is!

I donīt like the colour so much. I wanted it to be red-metallic. But this colour was sold out in whole germany. So I bought it in metallic-blue. Anyway...

Everything is o.k. for the price. The pick-ups are superb for the price. The hardware is chrome...could be better but for the price I can definetly NOT complain about.

All in all itīs a fuckin great guitar!!! It rocks ! If you wanna play rock n roll itīs the perfect choice!

Chris rated this unit 5 on 2003-01-27.

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