B.C. Rich N.J. Beast Reviews 5

I bought it on a good sale in canada for $710.

Everything, this guitar looks and sounds great. If you play this guitar at any show, you will be noticed.

Its hard to play sitting down but oh well.

This guitar is constructed like a rock, Just the other day I was jamming with some friends and the strap I was using fell off, the guitar plummeted to the floor followed be my shattering screams and the screams of my friends. The guitar had not a scratch or dent, It stayed perfectly in tune and nothing was wrong. I have no complaints at all.

If you a Heavy metal guitarest, don't settle for less like a CRAPPY FENDER, go for quality, B.C. Rich is the way to go FENDER SUCKS! Hail B.C. Rich

Mike Driedger rated this unit 5 on 2004-04-01.

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