B.C. Rich NJ Neck-Through Mockingbird Reviews 5

Wanted a Mock for years. Purchased from Cleveland Music Center, brand new, via Ebay. Paid $529.00 plus shipping

Very good quality, but only 4 months old. Time will tell how she ages. Beautiful, thin neck. Great attention to details, nicely dressed and finished frets. Body is very nicely finished. ALMOST perfect. Very decent sound from the stock PUs. The neck, the neck... man, is it nice. Beautiful in Transparent red, great shape. A real looker.

The quilted top is thin. Of course you cannot expect a AAA top at this price, but compared to my ESP MH301, this is not as alive looking. Still, much nicer than plain grain, and a decent job of finishing.

Construction is top quality. Internal wiring is neat, fretboard dressed VERY nicely. All hardware is par for the price range, which (fortunately for us guitar guys) is very nice. Initial quality is very good.

Worthwhile guitar at $1,000 bucks. The good news is, you won't pay that much. I own an ESP MH301 also, and can't decide which is better. Both very, very good. If you like the Mock style, you won't be disappointed with an NJ Neck-through. For 6 bills or less, buy it, but if it is your only guitar, consider the ESP M or MH series, and the Ibanez JS series also.

Pete rated this unit 5 on 2003-06-05.

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