B.C. Rich NJ Series Assassin Reviews 4

Purchased fro a local dealer(not out of business) in '95 for $550 (retailed for $799).

Cool strat look with transparent red paint job, quilted/flame look. Floyd Rose trem! Diamond inlays look cool, also.

Floyd Rose has always been sloppy and is hard to dial in when puting on new strings. The stock EMG Selects were weak, so I replaced the bridge humbucker with a Seymore Duncan George Lynch model Screamin' Demon. I left the 2 single coils.

Excellent paint and construction. Floyd Rose is fairly cheap, but works. Overall, I would give it a B+!

Good guitar, but not worth the $ at retail (is anything?). Good rockin' guitar for beginner/intermediate.

Jeffmeister rated this unit 4 on 2002-09-19.

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