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I got it in a small music shop and paid 710 bucks for it

This guitar has a mean shape that will grab peoples attention. It sounds awesome and is constructed quite well. This guitar will always stay in tune, even if you smack it or drop it, that shouldn't happen. If you read the reveiw about the guy whos floyed rose ripped out, dont beleive hid reveiw. The only reason that would happen is because he was stupid enough not to learn how to use a floyed rose and wrecked a masterpeice. And his spikes broke off because he dropped it, well a guitar is not made to be dropped. I accedently dropped mine and nothing happen, im luckey. What did this guy do throw it of the roof. And the headstock is on nice and sturdy. The only reason it would have broken off is that he cranked the locking nut after it was overly tightened. If your reading this dude i hope your kicking yourself because you are obviously not much of a guitar player if you cant even take care of your own guitar. I bought this guitar not knowing a thing about floyed rose so I went and learned about it. THis is not a cheap imatation, it real. So if you buy this guitar, please do us all a favor and learn how to use it before you come and bitch about it breaking, becuase, it is probobly your fault.

What can i say, its a great peice of work. however, i think the wood and paint could be a little stronger. I have put a good chip in this guitar, its fixable but still haunts me. The headstock points are very good however the paint is wereing a little thin. i cant complain to much though.

quite well, again the paint could hold a little better, other then that its quite good.

if you like heavy metal, this is a great guitar. I for on am not a punk fan so this guitar was a breath of fresh air after seeing millions of fender strats everywhere and strat copies, i finally found a guitar that is different. THis guitar will not dissapoint you, unless you a dumbass like the above mentioned fellow. definatly worth a try. If you like the sound but hate the shape or something try a jackson they are also very good.

dream theater man rated this unit 5 on 2005-01-20.

ive had this guitar for nearly a year now,bought it from the states,ive always gone for b.c rich guitars owning several in the past and i fancied the beast.i paid $900 aprox.

its the meanist looking guitar on earth and it sounds like somthing out of this world.you can swing on the whammy all day and it doesnt go out of tune at all.as i have said ive always gone for b.c rich guitars and this one is my most played guitar.

i cant say that theres anything that i dont like about these guitars,but i would advise anyone thinking of buying one to take these facts into consideration. 1. feel the weight,as there quite a heavy guitar. 2 not the most comfy guitar to play whilst sitting due to the fact that theres so many pointed bits sticking in you.

the quality is a1 from all aspects ,its solid,mines almost 12 mths old and has been gigged many times and the only damage ive had is a slight chip to one of the points bieng my fault entirly.comes complete with the floyd rose

would definatly have another if this one went missing,any outher guitar wouldnt be the same.well done b.c rich

pete rated this unit 5 on 2004-01-10.

I had this Guitar special ordered to where I live (northern ontario). I was looking for a unique factory metal guitar, and found this. I paid around 1200 for it (rip-off).

Great shape, good tone, and an awesome finish(trans blood red). A great sounding guitar with excellent hardware. Also comes with a 24 fret neck, with diamond inlays.

Hard on the sternum when sitting and playing, only good for standing and playing. Neck is also far away compared to the standard shapes.

there are very thin spikes on the guitar and they are solid, good wood grain chosen. no neck-plate, kinda resembles a neck through but with bolts. Floyd rose trem, locking nut, 2 bdsm pickups, and lots more.

Nice looking guitar to hang on the wall.

md rated this unit 5 on 2002-12-14.

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