B.C. Rich NJ Series Platinum Warlock Reviews 5

I bought it at guitar center for 399

I love the heavy sound of it, if your in to metallica its great, its got floyd rose tremolo which is really great, it looks really nice, and even though its a little off balanced who gives, the people that complain about that are weak, ITS AWESOME

The couple things wrong with it are the strings you get with it suck totally, the humbuckers aren't very good, not very much different sound between them( i would recomend getting emg 81's in it, it makes the guitar even more kick ass)thats it, you can get all the problems i faced fixed, but now that i got new strings and emg 81's, its the best guitar EVER.

even though its a bolt on neck, it doesnt change anything. the paint job is really good too

if you add emg 81's and new strings its the best guitar

JEbusKam rated this unit 5 on 2002-08-02.

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