B.C. Rich NJ Series Virgin 7 String Reviews 5

i paid $150 for this at a pawn shop. Noone else wanted it because of the seventh string so it sait in the shop for about six months. So the lady sold it to me cheap. I got a very good deal because this guitar is an $1100 guitar if you buy it new.

I love the fastback heal joint. Very smooth. Its almost simular to a neck-thru. The rosewood fretboard is very high quality and i can see my reflection in it. The pickups are decent, but they give a little too much bass and distortion when your playing in drop a or just regular power cords on the b,e,and a string. The diamond inlays are purpleish and made of mother of pearl. I love them.

the floyd rose-licensed tremolo is a little crappy. The string tightening screws are VERY weak. The break easily. The locking nut screws get stripped out very quickly also, so i had to buy some actual floyd rose screws for it. The pickups dont get near enough high for my taste.

Other that the licensed tremolo its a well made, and good looking guitar. I would suggest it to anyone who would be willing to replace the tremolo with an actual floyd rose. It would be excellent if it had one.

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cinnamon stix rated this unit 5 on 2004-03-07.

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