B.C. Rich NJ Series Warlock 2001 Reviews 5

I bought the Warlock from Guitar Center for 400 dollars with a case, not bad.

I love the sound, the playability, the dual hums, and its pointy.

I dont like Floyd Rose's that much even though I use it a lot. I always prefer string through body with a tune-o-matic. But there is nothing bad to say about the quality or anything else regarding to this guitar. BC Rich makes a hell of a nice product in my opinion.

Wonderful is the only way to describe a Warlock.

I love my guitar and most that come out of the BC Rich factories. I want to purchase a Beast but I want to spring for the American series even though they are expensive. So so nice. Dont hesitate to buy a BC Rich no matter what model, Bronze, Platinum, NJ. They are all wonderful for the money.Or just buy a Fender and be SAD:(

Jeremy rated this unit 5 on 2002-07-26.

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