B.C. Rich NJ Series Warlock 2003 Reviews 4

I bought this guitar from a friend for 500 euros with case and boss metal zone pedal.

This guitar is amazing to play with on stage. As soon as you take it out of the case, people can't take their eyes off of it. The neck is perfect for solos and if you treat the fingerboard with lemon juice it gets really fast. Generally I am quite skeptical about floyd rose tremolos but this one can take some serious abuse and stays in tune. Also the diamond inlays on the fretboard are really nice!! The guitar is weighted perfecly.

When I play sitting down, the top left spike thingy jabs at my chest and it gets pretty sore after a while. A few days ago, I was playing a gig in a bar and the demon headstock injured a couple of peoples faces as i was trying to make it to the stage!! The bridge pickup is kind of weak so I switched it with a Dimarzio X2N.

No complaints!! Really nice guitar.

If you can put up with playing standing up all the time, get this guitar. Or else get some special padded t-shirt, it'll be worth it! Only issue is the stock pickups I would definately suggest changing the bridge pickup for a meatier sound.

Severance rated this unit 4 on 2005-07-30.

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