B.C. Rich Nj Series Assassin 2002 Model Reviews 4

Paid 400 reduced from 600 RRP (pounds sterling) from local retailer in shrophire england.

Very nice finish, licenced floyd rose, neck paint to match body. standard shape (not like the pointy other things bc rich sells). Very Low action nice playability.

Action was perhaps too low so some strings rattled when fretted. The guitar is a very solid standard guitar and has no particular stand out features to distinguish it from another guitar at a similar RRP.

Its made of chesswood (i dont know if thats good or bad). It seems to be of a good quality the finish is perfect there are no dents or anything like that. The floyd rose licenced seems fairly strong (if a little stiff). The hardware is black and seems to be of a good quality.

The price i paid for the guitar is good for the guitar i got. it seems superior to other guitars of price around 400. the two humbuckers will do but will probably need upgrading when i start to play gigs with it. It is a very standard guitar that has nothing special to offer however it plays well, and not just distorted - it has a very nice clean tone, so its not just a guitar for metalheads.

English Guitarist rated this unit 4 on 2003-08-27.

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