B.C. Rich Platinum 2000 Warlock Reviews 4

after about a few months of thinking about it and reading gear reviews i decided to pick up a warlock at a small store in CT called East Coast Music Mall for about 400$. didnt get a nifty coffin case like anyone else got with it, a standard bass gig bag will do.

the guitar screams out metal the first time you look at it. the pickups are pretty decent but are still only bc rich sealed stock pickups

I really didnt like the stock strings put on there. they were way too light for my tuning range, i tune to B or A most of the time, the fingerprints really stand out on the body, and the nut snapped a couple of times so i had to get repair work done on that. plus the strap knobs are placed a little odd and your strap comes flying off alot for no reason

overall the construction was pretty good. black finish. the rest of its pretty much plain wood. i would like to spray it all black and green though someday and drop some seymour duncan pickups and a fernandes sustainer unit in there and then its basically the perfect guitar. i also replaced the spring on it and its pretty much all set as far as work now.

bottom line pretty much, beginners really shouldnt buy the guitar. theres alotta work to be done on it. plus the neck can be a pain to adjust to. You also really dont even need a distortion pedal on this one, the pickups distort the hell out of the sound and it sounds really nice on a marshall stack amp.

j rated this unit 4 on 2001-11-24.

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