B.C. Rich Platinum Series Warlock Electric Guitar Reviews 5

I wanted a new guitar strictly for playing metal. This was my third guitar. I loved the look of the Warlock guitars and heard nothing bad about them. I bought this guitar from Musician's Friend for about $350.

The guitar is awesome! The look is death and the sound is pure metal. This guitar is awesome with distortion. I loved how the bridge can rise with a simple screw to highten the strings so there is no rattling on the frets. It's very simple to reinstall a set of strings. The 24 frets were great and it stays in-tune on the octaves for some time.

There isn't much that I don't like. The only thing would be that it's not the best guitar for clean sound. It has a lot of crunch instead of pure clean sound.

The guitar is heavily built and very strong. I bump it against everything and there still isn't a scratch on it. The stock strings lasted a long time and I havn't had any trouble yet.

This guitar is awesome! I love it. It's my favorite guitar and the best playing I've ever used. I would recommend this guitar to anyone looking for an extreme metal guitar.

Ryan rated this unit 5 on 2004-06-26.

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