B.C. Rich Platinum Warlock w/ Widow Headstock Reviews 5

Musicians Friend for around $400 off of the Internet, I wanted a guitar that will sound like I play VERY HEAVY and it does the job!

This guitar does everything that I could possibly want from Heavier to more Mellow tones whatever i need it does. Being the lead guitarist in a heavy metal band this guitar really does the trick of helping me play as fast as i really need to. Ive increased my playing speed by at least 3x using this thing its awesome

The only thing that i dont like is now i want pickups that will make my guitar sound heavier than hell, but there is nothing wronge with the guitar other than as you play it you just want to keep getting heavier and heavier while using it.

The design is very unique, I hope that you have a good response because people are always going to be saying cool guitar or where did you get that, I have not heard one bad response about this guitar from my audience yet.IN fact this is the only guitar used by Slipknot to make there album IOWA, they are using this guitar on there next album because they could not find anything better!!!!!

This is the guitar of all metal guitars. If you want something to play real heavy and real fast with than you have found it!!!!!

Greg L. rated this unit 5 on 2004-03-17.

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