B.C. Rich Platnium Series Warlock Reviews 5

I bought it off the internet in a special deal with an amp and some other stuff for $300. i bought it bcuz i needed a new guitar.

it plays really easy and fast. its durable. it gives u a good crushing sound that you need for heavey metal. plus when u take off distortion it gives u a alright clean sound. not quite like a fender or gibson though. easy to tune and easy string changing access. plus it looks sweet to.

i don't really have anything i don't like about it.

its got a sleek design and is a good quality guitar. ive had no problems with it so far and ive had it for 7 months.

i really really love this ax and i wouldn't trade it on any guitar in the world. so if your looking to buy a new guitar this is the one for u.

ice rated this unit 5 on 2003-03-12.

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