B.C. Rich Warlock Combo Pack Reviews 4

I found this bad boy in Toronto on Yonge street at this little music store. It was sitting in the front window all boxed up and looking evil as hell. It was $450 Canadian plus tax, which came to around 516

I don't have to tell anyone that B.C. Rich makes badass looking guitars. This combo pack came with a Warlock which in my opinion is the most badass looking, a BCL Practice amp, cords, picks, strap and a gig bag, which is an alright deal for beginners. Plus if you just want to look of a Warlock you can always put in EMGs or actual BC Rich BDSM humbuckers. And as with all Warlocks, the frets are close together, making it much easier to play metal.

I don't know how official this combo pack is, because there are no specifics about it on the box. I think it's an older model, because there's no tremolo and the pickups are DEFINITELY not the BDSMs that are pretty much standard Warlock fare now. The practice amp's nothing to scream about, but then again it was just a bonus anyway. At least it has distortion.

This mother puts the HEAVY back in heavy metal. Play one for long enough though and anything else feels like a broom in your hands. The strings are pretty close to the frets, and the humbuckers were a little lose when I got it. I think this was just a way for the Korean warehouses to get rid of old stock. Overall it's pretty tough, and with the Widow headstock you can't go wrong.

All in all, It's an alright guitar, and when you're not playing, you can use it to chop down trees. Like I said, it's tough. Anyone who's played a B.C. Rich knows that it may not have the cleanest sound, but you know the first thing you're going to play on it is Slayer through about 15 pedals anyway so what does that matter? Assuming I had the money though, I'd spring for a newer Platinum or New Jersey series, if only for the better pickups and maybe the floyd rose trem.

Duke rated this unit 4 on 2002-02-27.

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