B.C. Rich Warlock June 2003 Body Art Reviews 5

I got this guitar in a local guitar shop in Huddersfield, it's a guitar i wanted for a while and i got it reduced from 300 down to 200

I love the look first of all but secondly i love the action on it the string are closer to the frets than on a lot of guitas and the frets are smaller meaning that bit of extra speed. There is a few extr frets aswell whch gives you some higher notes which is good for solos. The pickups are great for either distorted or un-distortd play over all it is the best guitar on the market.

having said that it took a short while to get used to the weight but after a whil and i men a short one (only a weekend) it seemed weightless i picked up my old guitar again it was like carrying a feather.

as i said earlier the pickups are great and it plays amazing. you would think the pointyness on it would be uncomfortable but the way it curves makes it actually nicer than my fener guitar

This is the best guitar i ever played and i'm glad i bought it if you are in a metal band such as myself then get one. go to my website at www.feelingsoffutility.cjb.net

Thomas Abbott rated this unit 5 on 2004-05-31.

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