B.C. Rich Warlock Special Edition AfterBurner Reviews 5

Ive began playing a Squire Bullet Strat i aquired from a friend of mine who just bought a LP copy, ive been playing for around a year and a half, self taught, decided i wanted a new guitar, so i looked on the net.

I Bought this guitar off www.Thomann.de at around 210 about 6/7 months ago, after i fell in love with the pictures of it on the site.

I love everything about this guitar, its so nice and smooth to play, ive never had to change a thing on it, except the strings,it looks beautiful. and is really comfortable to play.

Theres nothing i dont like about this guitar, its awesome in every aspect. Except the fact it attacts dust like a magnet, but thats probably just cause of where i live :P

Really tough guitar, pretty heavy,knocked it a few times, due to my own stupidity. Another thing i like is the fact that the metal flames on the body, are an attatchment to the bridge, which is neat as hell!

One of the best guitars i will ever own, ive played many guitars, incl Deans + Ibanez's but this still tops them in my eyes.

Danarchy rated this unit 5 on 2007-02-24.

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