B.C. Rich Worlock Bronze Series Reviews 3

I purchased this guitar at Guitar Center for a very very cheap price, bottom line. I liked the look of this guitar very much. Whats better then a guitar that looks like a medieval axe? With my interest in metal and heavy music of different kinds, then a guitar to match. SO with a very limited supply of funds i purchased this guitar. The guitar at the time only cost $100 american dollars.

The look of this guitar is the main reason for purchasing this guitar. Look of guitar is a major part of why a person may buy a guitar of this kind. B.C. Rich is known for making very unique styles when making guitars. The neck is reasonably thin which makes it easy to hover around the neck very effortlessly.

This guitar is very heavy in weight. It can be very tiring to play for a long period of time. The strap locks are in a very difficult place to both keep the strap on and to keep the guitar in a good playing position for myself. The factory pickups are not the greatest either, but what can u expect froma guitar that only cost $100 (american dollars)? The electronics were also very low grade. After about a a year i had to change out the pots. The volume pot went out reather quickly, which makes it difficult to play.

The construction is very nice. It has a nice solid, heavy body, which is great for deep tones. The action on this guitar was OK, a little ont he high side, but nothing that can't be fixed. Double- Humbuckers make for good match with the tone.

The bottom line is if you have a very strict source of income and want a guitar that looks mean and can be made to sound mean, This is the guitar to get. With a few minor mods it can sound like a very expensive guitar. When purchaseing the guitar it was not what i wanted out of a guitar, but it did me just fine untill i could get another higher grade guitar. For the money it is a good or average guitar

Spacko02 rated this unit 3 on 2003-12-27.

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