Bass Collection SB301 Reviews 4

Bought third hand from a friend for 150.

The body is light and very well balanced compared to Jazz and Precision basses. It can be played for hours without weighing the shoulders down. The neck is slender and promotes a very fast playing action, perfect for funk, slap and percussive styles. The Gotoh machine heads are good quality and the bass hardly ever goes out of tune.

The electrics are a bit dodgy and crackle a bit. I've also had problems with the jack.

The construction quality is very good and solid. This base will live longer than I will. It was refinished by the first owner to cover over some (still visible) war wounds.

This is a great working bass and has seen lost of gig action. It's very good for slap and funk and is well made.

Mark Shepherd rated this unit 4 on 2004-04-04.

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