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Well, to start I've been into music for a long time. I think I was 6 or 7 when I started to take lessons on a vertical flute. Then, when I was about 7 I started to play the French horn. I played that untill I was 13 years I guess... When it was my 14th birthday I got singing lessons from my parents which I'm still taking! Nowadays I'm learning myself to play the bassguitar for about 4/5 weeks and it's getting along pretty well. I'm not in a band, but with the beginning of next schoolyear I am. I like rock, punkrock and ska most when we talk about tastes. But to play on the bassguitar I mostly do rock and pop, because I'm just a starter. (I'm 15.5 years old)

I bought my bassguitar (Maverick B1) on a website where people sell their stuff. I found my bassguitar just by luck and I paid 150 euros for it. That's about 205 dollars or so. I bought it just because I wanted to learn how to play the bassguitar.

It has a very deep, very warm sound. Actually, it's a real bass-sound, how I think a bassguitar should sound! I also like it because the brand is not very usual, at least not in The Netherlands. It's a pretty easy bassguitar to handle.

Hmm let me think... The only thing I may come up with is the fact that the strings are a bit close to eachother. That's not very handy if you want to slap or somehting, but I can deal with it! Further it's an amazing bassguitar!

Pretty damn good!

It's a very good brand and the bassguitar itself is very fine to work with. It's a perfect bass for everyone!

Vera de Jong (Netherlands) rated this unit 5 on 2007-08-02.

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