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Ive been playing for over 20 years. Studio work mainly now. Live stuff for weekend gigs. Soul music to Classic rock. I wanted a vintage Gibson for years..The prices are nuts sooo..When I heard about Bayou Guitars ..I made a trip to Vancouver and tried them at Westcoast Music on Granville St. I bough tthis from a store thats been here in Vancouver since the eighties. They are known for vintage stuff. The guitar played like an old guitar the neck feel the tension of the strings the evenness of the sound the weight the feel was great. Oh I payed US 549.00 and i got a free archtop hardshell case made in Canada!

The Top Grade Sitka Spruce top is great. Id expect to pay 1200 at least for something this nice. The finish is gloss and flawless. The big bonus with this guitar is the Pickup. The B-Band A3.2 system is amazing. On board EQ and preamp ..It sounds just like it does acoustically when you plug in. I love the sound live or through a mixer.

I wish I could think of something .. It sounds dumb but I like all of this guitar. The tuners are Gotoh style . The bracing and workmanship are soo clean I couldnt see even any weird glue marks ..The frets were dressed well too..No sharp buzzes .I guess the store Westcoast Music is really good at setting them up.

The construction is great..bracing solid clean straight tight grain sitka spruce. Pickup AWESOME B-Band is realllllllllly good stuff. The finish I got was called TBS its a sunburst like a 60s Gibson Hummingbird. They had black and natural as well

Im really glad theres a good guitar comapany like this ..They are giving really good value..All the components are great..Dont know how they do this for the money they are charging..according to the guy in Westcoast Music the frets and pickups are all done in house..

Lance rated this unit 5 on 2006-06-28.

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