Beato Bags Cordura Series Reviews 5

I purchased these in the summer of 2000. I paid much less than any retail store is selling the Tuxedo's or other Beato knockoff. (No offense, H & B).

These bags come with real padding. The customer service (that's how companies live & die...) was exceptional; the detail; the quality of the material inside & out; the consistency among the various sizes. Most important: The price. Please compare w/others; the more others you look at, the more you will want a Beato.

They are not as available as the wannabe bags that are abundant out there.

Heavy cordura; high grade zippers; very thick, dense padding; not sponge padding & soft little vinyl as all the others... All around great bags that more than serve their purpose.

For hard cases, there are various out there; but among the soft gig bags for drums, there is no better bag than the Beato Bag. If you see one at a store, please, see for yourself. Please, I encourage you to see all others first, to work up to a Beato.

Marvin R. rated this unit 5 on 2001-09-05.

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