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. Not the prettiest Bass I've owned, I'm doubt anyone would steel it, with the other chooses they would have. After saying that, it IS The most played bass that I own,& I just got a Dean 5 string,Rick,Ibanez EB-3 Copy.So that's saying something. For the money I payed 100.00, needed to get a pick-up cable sodered back on. It's been the Most All Around, versitile sounding bass I've had the Pleasure to Play.If I can find another in a Pawn shop, in the shape I found this one, would buy another. It's been my practice bass, warm up bass. Soon hope it to be one that I play out, record with.

I bought this Bass when I was short of money, but longing to play, that was 10 years ago.Found it ina Pawn shop, as so many people I've read found theirs, Paid 100.00

Fast neck, piano type string sound, versitile sound.

I have No complaints on this bass, well I have one, it looks like they don't make them anymore.

Solid body, haven't replaced anything on it, but the strings

For the money , its a great buy, I want another, different model would be nice, but you know, I would be happy with the same, in case something happens to this one.If your lucky enough to find one in decent shape, Buy it.I have 37 years of playing time behind me.

KMWarner rated this unit 5 on 2006-08-22.

So I am a lazy fifteen year old, at the time, in a new town with no friends. Until one day I make one who is extreamly interested in music. He asks me if I want to start a band. I say ok and run home to ask my parents to buy me a bass. Then I ask again the next day and the next and so on. A week passes and they give in. Another week passes and they have the money to buy me my first bass. We shop around local pawn shops and nothing catches my eye. Then there it is. I pay no attention to other options and it says to me, with a $100.00 price tag it says, "Buy me." so I do. Then a few days later my mom comes home with my first amp. Funny thing is the amp was not a bass amp but a guitar pratice amp. But it did the trick.

The first look was to my liking. Black, dark, 24 frets, and good feeling holding it. As my talent and knowledge of other intruments progressed I started noticing other qualities i deamed desirable. My slap/strum style is due to the playability of this bass. I find the neck on most basses to be kind of thin where as this neck is wide enough to fit my short fat fingers between the strings. I still favor this bass over my Fender Jazz Bass Special Fretless.

Later, after I got a new amp, I started to notice no matter how much I turned up during practice I still felt a little to much in the back ground. And then the guitarist got a bigger amp and I was not even audible.

I don't remember the condition it was in when I first got it, but now it is beat to sh*t. It still plays though. After three and half years of gigs/pratice and moving around, other careless bastards dropin it and a two month vacation (being packed in the trunk under suit cases and in the dessert's direct sun (it has never been in a case)), only now do I have to replace something. Wires. Thats my fault though, I tried to reafix them to the jack input but I cut the wire too short when tring to expose the fibers. I broke my G string once and replaced it with an A string and it was to big for the nut so it broke but the string somehow stayed on place. Oh and another thing I have three screws holding in my pickups when I should have eight but it never was a problem. THIS BASS IS MADE LIKE A (light wight) TANK!

I love this bass. I have done almost everything with it. I use to play it while riding my bike. I have played it on the roofs of houses. I even took it on a vacation. It was my first bass and it was good enough to make me continue playing music. If I had a sh*itty bass when I began I dont think I would still be playing bass. This bass is perfect for everyone. Novice to expert can enjoy playing it. (I dont know for sure if it is a Bently because all it says on mine is Series 10 and on the back side of the head it has a sticker witch says No.103255)

Douglas M. McCue rated this unit 5 on 2002-11-26.

After i got my first paycheck i decided it was time for me to buy a nice bass. So naturally i went to my local guitar shop. Then it happened, i fell in love with the most beautiful bass ever! The best part was the price, only 200$. Damn was i lucky. I figured it would have been more, till i realized it was second hand. But the weird thing is it didnt even have a mark on it. It looked brand new, like it was right off the finish line. Then i got to play it, and damn did it handle great.

My fave part of the bass has definatly got to be the color. Pure white body(p-bass style) with a gloss black neck that had a jackson looking headstock on it. The pickups are god like(p pickup and a double j pickup). And the weight is also perfect. Most guitars or basses ive played are somewhat neck heavy if they have a jackson type headstock. But, not this one. Almost completly centered. Another thing i like about it was the sound it made. It sounds so incredibly raw which is great for the music i play.

The only thing i would have to complain about this bass would be the tunning. It needs to be tuned at least one-two times a week. But other then that ide swear this bass was from heaven

My final thoughts on this bass, its the best guitar ive ever played in my entire life. I hope it manages to stay with me for that long too.

Kent "Vincent" Fasick rated this unit 5 on 2002-07-21.

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