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This is a wonderful bass, I bought it online from a music seller for $127.50 including shipping which is an amazing price - especially since it is NEW (I took off the cellophane pickup plastic covers.) There is not a mark on it, and although it is a creamy light lime green, I think it is an attractive looking instrument!

I like the look af the bass, it has a P-Bass pickup in the usual place and a double J-Bass pickup right by the bridge - both are passive but VERY punchy! I also like the gloss black "Jackson-style" neck, it's easy with fingering and the bass is not neck-heavy, very well balanced. When the strap is adjusted properly, the bass sits comfortably below the ribs and sternum. It is a bit heavier than I usually like in an intstrument becaus I also sing, but I find that's easy to adjust to by the bassist. I took it to practice this evening, my amp being in the shop, and just ran it through the P.A. using a "Monster Cable" that our guitarist had been given him long time ago. The bass sounds awesome, everyone agreed that it should now be my primary bass, the other being a Jay Turser JTB-440, my former number one! The notes come out as a crisp piano-string sound. The bass really has an "edge" tone-wise and is great for Pizzicato fingering, playing with a pick, or "funkin for Canada!" It is simply a beautiful looking and sounding instrument. If you find one, pick it up - you'll be as pleased as I am!

I honestly can't say that there's anything to be displeased about. I've had 2 Fender Jazz basses, a Steinberger XL-2, 2 Fender Precisions - post CBS, a BC Rich Eagle, a Music Man and an original Gibson Thunderbird along with the Jay Turser, and I think that this Bently stand up against any of them.I see from another review that the bass may have to be to be tuned often. That's OK with me as when you're "funkin'" with "Burnin' Down the House" etc. you have to tune quite regularly, since you're really pounding out the bottom line.

The quality is really winderful, the finish is so smooth and the neck plays fast. The bass is loud when you're playing it when it isn't plugged in, so you know that it'll be great when it is plugged into your amp. Once again I very much like the balance. I've been told that "Made in Korea" instruments are not very good quality. You'd NEVER know it isn't a US-made, or Japanese bass. Who's ever doing the quality control, is doing a tremendous job. This unit is first-rate! Well Done!!

This is definitely one of the best basses I've ever played. This'll be a keeper, no re-selling it for me! When my actual amp - a Yorkville 400B - gets back and I plug it into my CXM-112 Eden cabinet and my 1X15 Cabinet with an Audax 15" double-coil speaker that LOVES LOUD VOLUME, I expect it to sound even better!I hope to have this bass for many years! I love it!

Hans Edward Sahlen rated this unit 5 on 2002-11-06.

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