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Turn Music Score by Foot. Even if you don’t play any music instrument, you must have noticed a centuries-old problem during music performance or rehearsal: Players are frequently forced to take their hands off of instruments in order to turn score pages or ask someone else to do it. (Facts: Most music instruments must be played with both hands and most scores are pages long.) This unwanted and repetitive interruption affects music players not only technically, but also emotionally. It’s like a good conversation being spoiled by a phone call. You know the felling. On the other hand, there is a trend that more people are getting their digital scores online like buying music from iTunes. So, why not turn digital scores in computer like turning PowerPoint, by foot (to free hands)? You got it! That’s the idea of Footime™ Page/Score Turner developed by Bili Inc ( One tap, one page. In addition, it’s quieter, faster and more reliable than turning paper sheets. Now, players can “face the music without facing the problem™” as Bili’s slogan goes. Footime™ Page Turner is a pedal with a USB plug, sturdy metal base and LED lights (under two buttons for easy locating in dark). Tapping the two buttons by foot turns the pages in computer forward or backward. In addition to its benefit of freeing hands, this device can also helps a group of people to share scores projected on wall or big screen. So the entire class, church or band is kept on the same page, at the same pace, and with only one person in control, by foot. Pairing up with laptop stand, page tuner and a charged laptop allow players to see clean, clear and well-lit digital scores on dim stage without lamp and its messy and risky cable. The problem of moving or flying paper sheets in the wind is also solved. It helps go digital (paperless and green!), which is easier for saving, organizing, storing and e-mailing scores. So you can fully utilize your computer. Digital trend is happening everywhere including music industry. Bili Inc’s page turner is a new answer to an old problem and a good answer for Internet age. This simple, effective and affordable (SRP: just $59) gear is ideal for rehearsal and great for teaching and show.

Phil Li rated this unit 5 on 2007-10-30.

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