Billy Hyde Natural Rebound Pad Reviews 5

I bought the 8" Pad at a Local music store in Cranbourne Australia, I bought it simply because i wanted a pad that could provide me with realistic rebound quiet playing and money left over. I bought this pad for $26.99 AUS.

Its very quite and small which is why i bought the 8" version over the 12" because i could take it anyway i wanted and play anywhere i wanted because of its low noise properties. Rebound is great with a nic realistic feel making it more adaptible from your kit to the pad. It also doesnt skid being made of rubber and is actually a bit like a suction cup and WILL NOT move on any surface plus it comes with a 8mm centre hole to mount on a stand.

You can't stop using it because its such an ease to use.

very good and for the price EXCELLENT it is very sturdy and i guarantee it WILL NOT break.

I love the fact that you can buy a Very high quality and Useful pad for such a low price and from such a popular company (Billy Hyde Drum Craft) which is BIG in oz. Plus with the; -natural rebound -quite playing -two available sizes (12",8") -portable 8" -non slip -8mm thread for stand mounting It a wonder they dont sell for $80-90!!!!!

AusDan rated this unit 5 on 2005-04-13.

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