Brownsville BLG10 Reviews 5

Ibought this guitar at Sam Ash for $120. I have an Epiphone Special electric and wanted to branch out to an acoustic (sometimes you just want that acoustic sound...).

I am very happy with this guitar. It's a very nice looking intrument, with a blond-wood top and a mother-of-pearl inlay around the hole. It has a nice, rich tone and good sustain. I'm quite happy, overall.

Not much of anything, really. It seems to need to be tuned all the time, but is an acoustic...

This is a very solid guitar. It's quite robust and made it through a hurricane evacuation in a gig bag with flying colors. Everything about it is quality work - it looks and sounds like a more expensive guitar.

I would happily recommend Brownsville guitars to anyone. My acoustic has done some travelling and come up smiling, and sounds like a million bucks. My sister-in-law and I have started playing bluegrass together, and the rich tone of my guitar complements her banjo perfectly.

Susk rated this unit 5 on 2004-10-05.

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