Burns Double Six 12-String Electric Reviews 3

I played it at Truetone Music in Santa Monica, CA. The displayed price was around $720; it would probably sell for less.

Excellent, excellent pickups. The legendary Burns Tri-Sonics, the same ones used by Brian May, sound wonderful on a 12-string as well. String spacing is comfortable, and the controls responsive.

Weight! This guitar is massive, much more bulky than even a Gibson Les Paul. The weight and cumbrance of this guitar is, in fact, comparable to that of an electric double-neck like the Epiphone G-1275. I don't think the body is chambered, which also adds to the weight, and the headstock is huge. I also don't like the look of this guitar, with its "broken" pickguard, and the massive horns seem unnecessary.

Solid, but doesn't feel too alive to the touch. There's something dead-feeling about this guitar, probably a side effect of its weight.

Holding and wearing this guitar just isn't a comfortable experience. I like the sounds I can get out of it, and my fingers feel just fine on the Double Six, but I'd definitely recommend you play it for an hour or so and compare it against other 12-string electrics before you decide if the feel is right for you.

Derek Mok rated this unit 3 on 2004-02-15.

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