Burns Steel Deluxe Reviews 4

Paid $659 at Musiciansfriend.com. I had read a review in Guitarplayer mag. which raved about the tonal qualities of the guitar. Their raves were well founded.

I've been playing for over 30 years and have went through my share of guitars. This one is one of the best. The tone, feel of the neck, and lighter weight are its biggest assets. Beautiful finished with a sound hole and chambered body. I've gigged with it the last year and never let me down. I liked it so much, I've purchased another Burns 12 string. Neck pickup is lipstick type with maple neck which sounds great for country/acoustic styling.

Cheesy lead cord supplied, other than that its perfect. Customer support is excellent so far.

Excellent quality, maple neck, wider frets, single cutaway, alder body with lite stain finish.

An excellent guitar for the money, great player, would recommend to anyone play blues, country, rock. Not a flashy as some, but suits me to a tee.

Strictly60s rated this unit 4 on 2003-11-03.

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