Burns Steer Reviews 5

i bought this from 3D's Music in New York on ebay. been waiting for the price to go down on these: i paid $450 with hardshell case. i read the review in guitar magazine & they really dug it. i liked the way it looks: its an odd look.

i really dig the look: kind of wicked but classic at the same time. the green sunburst is very nice. its got a humbucker at bridge & single coil up top (both burns brand). it plays like butter: really smooth with its chunky neck. i also like the fact its got many tones that can be had. similar to a fender jaguar: but with a better bottom end. it begs to be picked up & played.

i havent really found anything i dont like. its an all around nice guitar.

its made like a tank: dials/switches are very solid. its also much lighter than a gibson les paul & most fenders. (but not too light) the hardshell case is really top-notch: nice construction.

if you can score one for $400ish: get it. its fun to play with & try different combinations for various tones. also: people ask me "what the hell is that thing?"

samlix rated this unit 5 on 2003-12-15.

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