CB 4510 Cymbal Stand Reviews 1

Bought it at a local music store for 30 bucks to hold up my new Sabian B8 Pro crash cymbal.

It's cheap.

It broke! The little screw was so darn short that the cymbal would yank on it every time I hit it. The stupid screw snapped right in half in less than six months.


Don't buy it! Save an extra $20 and buy a decent stand WITH A LONG SCREW AND A STRONG PLASTIC SLEEVE.

Drummer Dave rated this unit 1 on 2001-12-01.

I got this thing at my friendly neighbourhood musical instrument store for $30

It's decently priced and gets the job done. But...

The screw that the cymbal actually sits on is too short and flimsy. I know it sounds like a small matter, but you have to squish down your felts just to be able to get the wing nut on. The screw also began to bend and warp, and after owning the stand for only 5 months, the screw snapped off. It is impossible to replace, because neither music or hardware stores sell a screw of the right thickness and thread.

Great, except for the all-important screw mentioned above.

When buying a cymbal stand, unless you've got a relatively light cymbal, invest the money into a more durable stand than this model.

Maybe I could get my sister to hold up the cymbal rated this unit 1 on 2001-09-11.

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