CB 5 Piece Drum Kit Reviews 5

i bought this kit from newcastle drum centre www.newcastledrum.co.uk for 275 which included pad silencers and stool. I bought the kit because i love drumming and needed a kit of my own

the price is exellent, but you do have to be prepared to put some money into upgrading the kit a little once u get it

the heads, cymbals and bass pedal are crap replace them as soon as you can.

construction is excellent and its good quality, especially the shells however i would recomend paiste cymbals perhaps paiste 101 high hats and paiste 302 crash. These cymbals sound really sweet for the price. Also go for Remo drum heads, the choice of which type of remo heads to get is yours, i like Remo Ambassadors. maybe Remo pinstripes on some of the toms. Try and get a decent bass pedal, i think getting cymabals and pedals from your local music store would be a better idea than buying them online because you could try them out in the shop (see what u like)

if your looking for a kit and thinking; hmm... should i get one of these cheapo kits? then go for it, my m8 has a session pro drum kit which is almost idenitcal to CB, he got it about 2 years ago and has been upgrading it since and its the most comfortable kit i've ever played on, it also sounds the best even better than a brand new pearl export (i know someone who has one of these kits) Buy this kit, get new cymbals, heads and a new pedal (double bass if ya can afford it) and ur sorted!

Naykon rated this unit 5 on 2003-04-06.

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