CB CB5 5 Piece Drum Kit with Cymbals Reviews 5

Bought the drums online from a a romanian music store (guitarshop.ro)


the value for this product is great, you wouldn't say it a begginner set. The shells are 9-ply, the hardware is very sturdy and reliable, the heads that came with the set are ok as well (mine were low-end Remo heads).the 16' crash/ride actually sounds very well for the price (i've bought a 20' ride and i'm considering buying a 14' crash, but a new 16' crash is not a priority. The bass pedal is ok, with a little tuning, you can do your job with it just fine (got a Tama Iron Cobra as a present but the difference was not as big as I expected :P)

the snare sounds a bit like hitting a bucked if not very careful with tuning, but with new heads, that won't be a problem. The hi-hats should be replaced quickly because they are very thin and will start to lose their shape and bend when hit (after you replace them, rather than throwing them away/selling them for an icecream, you can keep the lower part as a 14' crash and bend the other to a 14' china; not very well sounding, but it's a good compromise if you're short on cymbal money. The hi-hat stand is ok, but it doesn't support medium-heavy hi-hats, but you can very easyly add a spring/change its spring with a higher tension one and you will be ok.

as i said earlier, it an excellent drum kit for the price of ~400$, great choice even if you're a good drummer with a low budget; durable shell and hardware, good fabric heads and you can upgrade it into an outstanding instrument: change the cymbals, get a better bass pedal, replace the snare heads, muffle and/or add sound control rings to your toms and you've get yourselves a Tama Imperialstar drum kit :D

All in all, I'm very happy with this drum set and now I would definately buy again from CB Drums it it was somehow stolen. It could easily get confused with a Tama/Ludwig/Sonor/mapex/Yamaha drum set if you do a few upgrades (200$ cymbals, 70$ pedal, 20$ snare heads and 5$ sound control rings )

Roymer rated this unit 5 on 2010-08-07.

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