Cadeson Studio Wizz Drumkit Reviews 5

This drumkit is a 5 piece kit with jazz tom sizes 10,12,14inch toms, a 20x16 bassdrum and a 14x5 snaredrum. All maple 3 layers with reinforcement hoops. For the unbelieveable price of 1500 Euro's the kit became mine. I was looking for a Yamaha Stage Custom or a PDP drumkit, but went home with this one.

It's disitinctive looks and the very good sound. It's a very round sound, speccially the toms and bass. Lots of bottom end. The snare is nice and crisp. The factory heads are well enough to last for a couple of gigs and rehearsel; son no extra costs for a professional tone! The sanded hoops and the gold laquer hardware pats fit nicely together

Well, uhhhhhh, dunno!!

All shells are beutiful manufactured; a good laquer natural finish. Everything is assembled with care; nothing damaged.

What a product for a low price!

DJ drums rated this unit 5 on 2004-06-20.

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