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CompUSA- I don't remember it was bought at least a year ago. It's a keyboard recording/other stuff device. And I'm not sure what version it is either. On the CD it has a copyright of 1999. It's relatively new but I don't think it is the express 8. (I've seen clips and I'm pretty sure those screens aren't in the one I have) but then again- maybe I'm wrong. I would think that this version came before #8 and #8 has all of the same features but some new things. I wouldn't bother buying it because I'm happy with this one and it seems sufficient but I recommend to get the newest one. Here is some info on this one- the Cakewalk Express:

I like how it records easily and quickly. It plays a note that you happen to click on the staff. You can also record through Midi. It records relatively quickly and it is pretty clear. It has a bunch of songs in the directory already so you can play them. And I think you can get the sheet music for them. O yeah- by the way- you can print out sheet music of a song you recorded or put together. When it appears on the screen, it is shown as sheet music- a long staff with notes.

There's nothing I don't like about this unit at this point. But of course on the other hand I haven't used any other software for recording keyboard so I don't have anything to compare it to. An idea for a recording program could have been an online program that let's you "share" (hey- what can I say? Napster was a good idea even if it's not all that good) sheet music and how to play songs and suggestions and tips and etc. (just an idea, Cakewalk)

The construction seems pretty good. There really aren't that many glitches or anything. The program is pretty user-friendly. It seems pretty much up to date. But it is a good idea to record the keyboard music to images (music notes) and they play the music. I think this is good in case your speakers break or blow out- then you can read the notes off the screen or print it and then play it. Hey, at least your not totally sunk. This is a great idea I have to congratulate the guys at Cakewalk for. From a glance, the program may not look that colorful and great, but low and behold; it gets the job done. Nothing more is needed- this program is sufficient enough to carry the load no matter how big.

You can print out or view music you wrote so you can play them at another time in case you forget what to play if you are just memorizing it. You don't want to forget something you wrote after bragging about how good it is to your friends. It is pretty embarrassing. For the most part, recording is very accurate. It displays what note has been played on the screen on a bar line. It helps when teaching yourself how to play each note (if you have previous experience of reading music). Also it's a good idea to have a keyboard with a MIDI port and to have the slot on your computer. This is the only KEYBOARD recording program I have bought and will be sufficient to use for anything (this one only works with keyboard, I think- not sure) so I'll probably buy a guitar one somewhere along the road but the chances are good that it will be Cakewalk. Cakewalk has pulled through once again.

Cakewalk Express rated this unit 4 on 2001-06-30.

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