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purchased at Mars Music in 2000, paid $15.00. Came boxed/bundled with a Midi Cable, and software CD. Name on package: Midi Music Pack.

Being a beginner at Midi and PC recording Midi sequences to be played live with my Yamaha PSR-9000, I wanted a PC program to start to learn this process. I bought it after the salesperson/keyboardist recommended it. I'm still using it after 2+ years, after trying another program called "Voyetra" (donated by the nice folks at Yamaha PSR-9000 Tech Support, but which is not as nice as the Cakewalk Express program), and after trying a Pro-Tools Demo which left me confused and brought me back to Cakewalk. I like the Help file, the features, the fact that Cakewalk has covered most every angle of Midi sequencing, and the fact that Cakewalk Tech Support has been patient and courteous with my dumb questions.

there's nothing that I don't like about this program. For $15. I got a stable piece of software from a renowned company like Cakewalk, (well I found THAT later), which has most of the features found in programs costing $400.00 or more, like Pro-Tools or maybe Cubase. I am a seasoned musician, been-there, done-that since 1961. Yes, I'm 50 years old. The Tech Support guys at Cakewalk are half my age, but when it comes to Midi and PC Recording software, I only know half of what they know.

Cakewalk Express continues to be very stable in my Celeron 450 system, and after 2+ years. Can't ask for more for $15.00 bucks.

Remember, I was a total beginner when I bought Cakewalk Express, but 'no moe'. Now I am well practiced in Midi and PC recording. I continue to use it since there is no need to get anything else. It does what I need done. Here's the proof: I went into a small home studio with my Midi file which I processed with Cakewalk Express. Tom, the owner, has a Pro-Tools system with all the bells and whistles, and we recorded a song I wrote about September 11 2001, using my Midi file and his Pro-Tools. If you want to hear the result, you can download the mp3 (free) at: Cakewalk Express has taught me the fundamentals of PC recording and Midi, and if I buy a "better" program in the future, it will be from Cakewalk.

Jose rated this unit 5 on 2003-08-10.

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