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Fruity Loops 3 was a powerful program that you can upgrade whenever you are ready, FL studio is up to version 10 right now and not too much has changed, just a few minor things in the playlist. But besides that you can hope right onto Fruity Loops 10 and feel right at home like you have used it before and you will have no issues. [read more on Audiofanzine]

yoTrakkz rated this unit 4 on 2011-09-06.

Purchased online from company website for 99.00 plus shipping. I purchased the software for its ability to create unusual dance loops in addition to supporting my midi instruments.

It has outstanding control over its effects and sound patches and its layout is easy to understand. Its midi controls work great and glitch free. This program has all the tweaks and control over sound that I look for.

There could be better 3rd party support. The sequencer is a little difficult at first to understand and it would be great if you could expand any window you want with a click of the mouse.

The program intergrated seamlessly with Windows 98,2000, and XP. You do need to know how to set the buffer sample length but It is a well constructed program and seamingly bug free.

This is a ecellent program and well worth the cost. If your looking for a great tool to help you compose at home,this is it. I'm sure that 3rd party support will continue to make this a very popular program. It helps if your very familiar with sound modulation and digital sequencing.

lake rated this unit 4 on 2003-01-01.

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