Cannon 14x5 Maple Snare Reviews 4

I bought this drum from King Midas, part of The Birmingham Drum Centre, UK. Basically I wanted new hardware but I saw this maple snare for 70 so I had to buy it.

I like this drum loads, i mainly bought it because John Otto (Limp Bizkit) uses one similar in size. The sound off it is great its full of sound, and has a nice wood finish to it. It also has (i think) 10 lugs and is easy to tune and more adjustable.

When I got the drum, the heads were crap (Can i swear?) anyway, thats ok cos I had just bought evans heads for my old drums. When I took the skind off the washers inside were rusty (maybe this was bacause of poor storage) so I had to change them. and the holes on the side of the drum (no i dont know what they are called) were also rusty, but i have just left them on.

As I said above the washers and wee bits on the side were rusty so that is a bit on the shady side. other than that its good quality.

Even with the bad bits I still really like this drum and want Cannon to send me some for free :) and if you need a snare drum and are short of money you should buy one of these.

Sandro rated this unit 4 on 2001-06-27.

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