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How & Why? I just sold a handmade Tobias bass for a Martin DC15ce and 2 weeks latter I was asked to play bass again! My Casio MIDI Guitar PG780 sounds worked on and off, but this band needed a real bass sound. I always wanted an acoustical bass guitar and was leaning toward Tacoma when I got to play this inexpensive Sam Ash "Carlo Robelli" acoustical bass guitar (where? - Canoga Park, CA.) and the chemistry was right on! Bass and soft shell for $280.00

I know most likely this bass was built for another manufacture also. It looks too simular to another type! The tone and acoustical volume was equal to the Martin's or Ibanez or Taylor's in the same display area and when I pluged it in to a bass amp, that was it, I was hooked, line, sinker and BASS with a great price!

The bass has a great neck eventhough I paid extra for the extended warranty. That means, I need for the wood to shettle down on the neck! I've had it adjusted twice and it's been awhile since needing a 3rd adjustment. I will expect 2 more adjustments before the neck and action is tight, this is normal for new bass instruments. I wish I could see the wood since it's all black. I own a Casio PG-780 black guitar and it's a lot of extra work to keep a black guitar nice!

This cut-a-way acoustical bass has a great neck when adjusted properly! The guy at Sam Ash is an excellent luther! The woods are hard woods meaning mahogany sides, neck backing and back with a spruce top, rosewood finger board plus bridge and it sounds great without ampification, but the acoustical amplification built on an amp out device has volume, 3-EQ mixes plus, presense and a pop-out 9v socket! It's better than my Martin!

This is more bass than I ever plan to buy for $240.00. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, I returned the soft-shell and bought a hard case on the internet somewhere in Canada. I do NOT like soft-shell cases cause I'm clumzy! Visit my web site and see more stuff!

Jerry S. Faigin rated this unit 5 on 2004-01-27.

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