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I had been thinking for some time about adding an acoustic bass into my setup, and while in Sam Ash one day decided to take a look. They actually had about 7 different makes and models there so I spent a fair amount of time playing them both unplugged and plugged. The first one I picked up was an Ibanez AEB10. It had a really loud acoustic sound and the playability on it was really nice. The in store price on it was 349.99 and as I kept trying the others I kept leaning back towards that one. Then I looked up at the last one there and wasn't going to get it down because it was another like the Ibanez. I cought a glimpse of the price tag and it was only 279.99. My first thought was there was either something wrong with it, ir it was mis-marked. I played it and it had the same quality sound, and playability as the first. Then I look at the head and it turned out to be a Carlo Robelli. I must have looked at those two guitars side by side for 20 minutes and could not find a single difference between them outside of the name.

The acoustic projection of this bass has got to be the loudest of any ABG I've ever heard. The action and overall feel of the guitar was extremely good. No buzzing frets, or other rattles. (unlike a few others I tried that day) The preamp and pickup have a nice well rounded sound and are definately matched well with this guitar.

Thus far the only thing I don't like about it is.... nothing.

The overall construction seems to be very solid. The tuning keys were tight, there were no rattles or other unusual sounds. The finish was perfect and had no flaws.

Bottom line? I'd recommend this guitar for anyone looking for that acoustic sound. It's great for Coffee House style playing and also carries well enough to play an acoustic practice set with no amp. One thing with Sam Ash though, always ask for one in the box from the back.....

Michael Heffner rated this unit 5 on 2003-10-14.

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