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it is a rock solid bass. it has a bright sounding humbucker. a wide neck and string separation.

the body dosent seem to be one piece but it hasent effected anything about its sound, play or looks. emg dosent make humbuckers

solid maple body neck and fretboard. tight tuners and no flimsy parts raddles or buzzes. neck is bolted to the body with the same style metal plate with 4 bolts as the fender bass. And the bass hold tuning very well and very long.

the humbucker is probably the best part of this bass everything else is plain the bridge the tuners the head and the shape of the body. but it having a full maple finish gives it its own classy look like wood trim in a luxury car. the maple look almost feminds me of vic wootens fodera monarch.the body has nice curves but the design is very bassy and the humbucker is placed in the right place to give the player the best tone and design. the strings are separated enought to accomadate slaping and popping wich sound really cool in fact it is suggested that this bass is the slappers bass but it hasent been out long in this players oppinion it could be the next fender p bass. cheep and good. and the hmbucker sounds similar to the music man bass. so you get $900+ bass tone for less than a fith of the price. a well rounded bass

crazypants rated this unit 5 on 2004-06-04.

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