Carlo Robelli UBD510 8-String Bass Reviews 4

I ordered this bass from Sam Ash off of their website in May '03. I was looking for an inexpensive 8-string. It was not going to be a bass I planned on using often, so I was not looking for a "name brand". All it had to have was a good sound and decent fit and finish. The bass was on sale for $199.99! The last I looked (8/7/03) it was back to it's normal $350 price tag.

The sound is the bass guitar's most outstanding feature. It is bright and cuts through. Dispite that the pick-up is placed near the bridge, you can get a decent low end sound.

Whatever you do, don't let go of the neck if there are small children and family pets nearby without looking first. The tuning gear heavy neck will immediately dive for the floor at great speed! It is the heaviest bass I've ever seen. The body has a short horn, massive bridge & tail stop, all adding to it's poor balance and weight. The fretboard is very wide, so if you have short fingers, it will be hard to navigate. Unless you're a large strong person, it will probably really get to your back after only a few tunes. Since I will only use it for recording (I also remain seated when playing) it is not a big concern for me. Do, however, buy a very wide strap if you plan to play it much. The only other complaint was the hideous paint, which is silver sparkle, the only color it's sold in. If you have never restrung or intonated an 8-string, it can be a real nightmare.

The bass has a curious number of features similar to other basses: Carvin-style headstock, Gotoh-style bass and guitar tuners, musicman type pickup, and a Hamer-style body. It is very well constructed. The bridge and stop tail piece are very heavy duty. The paint job is first rate. Very well made. The electronics are active and seem to really fit the sound the bass is designed for.

If you are looking for an inexpensive ,well-made, and good sounding 8-string (if bizarre paint schemes don't bother you) this is it.

rated this unit 4 on 2003-08-07.

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