Carlo Robelli USB895 5 String Reviews 5

I bought this bass about 4 months ago at a Sam Ash near me. I was looking to buy a nice Warwick, but i didn't want to spend a ton of cash, nor buy one of them Rock Bass Warwick's.. they aren't very good if you ask me. But any way, this bass was a little pricy at $659.98, but was on sale for $339.99 and then knocked down again to $199.99 because it was the last of a few instock. I looked at it, and it had a nice look to it.. I wasnt in for buying a plain color bass with no highlights of the design. This bass is has a beautiful bright orange maple flame top with a sharp finish that I like to keep polished, and nice gold hardware.

I like this bass because it has a full, resonating sound. The neck is nice and wide and fits all 5 strings great. The headstock accents the bass nicely, having a nice black pollished finished with gold hardware.. it adds a nice look along with the finish of the bass. The neck nice and strong and has a smooth slide to it which makes it very nice for fast fret action. The 24 frets are easy to manuever and hold a nice sound. This is an overall beautiful bass, and a great buy if you can find it for less that the list price of $659.98.

There isn't much about this bass that can bring criticism, well by me at least. The one thing I did not like when I first played it at the store was the high action of the bass. The bridge was rasied real high and the strings were floating high off of the fretboard, but that wasnt a problem and I did not take that factor into consideration because I knew I could just lower the action when I got home. The bass also has a low output when it comes to aplifiers.

It seems liek the bass is put together with great care and quality. The bridge is very strong and hold the strings great. The neck is strong and the headstock has a great look to it. The bass is very light which surprised me from when I first looked at it.

This bass is awesome. email me if you have any questions.

Cha - from Philly rated this unit 5 on 2004-03-27.

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