Carlo Robelli USH500HB Reviews 5

Bought this guitar at Sam Ash for $259. My 17 yr. old son plays an ESP Ltd 100FM. After months of listening to him practice I decided to learn to play. This is my first guitar.

Just learning to play, I wasn't sure exactly what to look for,but it immediately caught my eye. The finish is beautiful. The price was right. After hearing my son play a few riffs, I was hooked.

I've got a slight fret buzz in the low E string. I'm sure after a proper set-up it will be great.

As before, the finish is beautiful. The pick-ups could be better, but they're good for a beginner.

I never figured my first guitar would be this refined and easy to play. For the money I couldn't have gotten a better guitar.

s-dog rated this unit 5 on 2004-06-13.

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