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Looking for a decent electric solid body that wouldn't break my bank. I looked over numerous guitars from the $700.00 and down range and feel in love with this one. Paid $149.00 at Sam Ash in Clearwater, FL. FWIW... I've been playing every conceivable type of guitar since 1972.

The action is extraordinary and outstanding for any guitar.. in fact I would say the maple neck (satin finished) with a 22 fret rosewood fretboard is about the fastest I've ever played. It has an ash body and 2 "zebra" humbuckers (1 neck and 1 bridge). The normal volume and tone knobs and a switch for the pickups. Looks sort of like an Ernie Ball Axis, but actually plays better (read the dislikes for the differences). Absolutely no buzzing on any frets and holds true to tune unless you really wail and slam on the whammy bar. You should go and try this gutar if your in the market for a small solid bodied electric.

The pickups are crap, but what can you expect for $149.00? For the price... you can afford a couple of Seymour Duncan's or whatever you want. Other than that... this is a "world class" guitar and should sell for at least $500.00.

The neck is a bolt on and it is solid. No blemishes and nothing at all wrong with it period. The only thing that bothers me with the finish is that it seems to have a magnetic attration for fingerprints. You can polish the chrissakes out of it just to get the prints off, but again... at $149.00 for a guitar like this, how can I b*tch.

If it were stolen, I'd hunt the m*ther***ker down and chop off his left hand, but more than likely I'd cry like a baby and go buy another one in a heartbeat.

Bill C. rated this unit 4 on 2003-01-24.

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