Carlsbro 200 SC Combo Amp Reviews 5

Purchased over the internet, for 499.95 pounds, from Rowlands Music, Wales. (

Extreme power, extreme sound. Bought the amp about 4 months ago. The ultimate experience. Comes with 2 year manufactures warranty. It has clean, crunch, gain and gain boost. Sounds superb with my les paul studio. Its 200 watts will blow you away, yet it keeps its crisp sound all the way to the top. It also has a 5 band equaliser.

No problems as of yet. As for sound and effects, its all i need.

Over all, its well built. Theres no vibrations, or rattles at high volume, and its solidly put together. Built in Nottingham, England.

I love this amp, at 500 pounds brand new, its a good price, English designed and built, it has a good warranty, and it sounds so perfect in any surrounding, small room, band practtice, and it has the power for a gig.

Rich rated this unit 5 on 2002-12-08.

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