Carvin AC50F Reviews 5

Custom ordered direct from Carvin. Paid $900 delivered to my door with case.

Very light and great fretless sound. Has a slightly "uprightish" sound. Drop in battery compartment,neck through construction and ebony fretboard. I only wished I had more reasons to take it out to play.

Natural Maple top is very easily marked by such things as fingernails. Should have had a gloss finish. Balance is a little neck heavy due to the body be hollow but not too bad. Not the kind of guitar you'd want to have to use if you tune flat due to the nature of the nut and bridge of this type.

Solid and flawless. Carvin construction is Class A and gives "Made in the USA" a good name.

Although I don't get to use it as much as I'd like to, it's a keeper! Probably one of the best buys of the Carvin basses. Has a unique voice and feel.

OlsenDP rated this unit 5 on 2003-03-09.

HOW: Custom built at the factory to customers' specifications: type of wood, finish, electronics (if applicable), other details. WHY: Reputation for quality, sound, playability and low cost. COST: Upgrades were on sale at the time cost to customer was much less than retail; in this case around $975.

The sound is incredible; a mix between a stand-up bass and an electric fretless. Very liquid sound, smooth over the entire range. Not recommended for slap or popping. Excellent for blues, ballads, folk, jazz and most styles after you get the hang of its capabilities.

Can't be heard with other instruments unless played with an amplifier.

As with all Carvin basses, it has neck-through construction. All wood workmanship is exceptional. I found no flaws with my unit.

This is my second Carvin bass and plan on getting one of the new long scale (35-1/4") basses soon. Of the 6 different basses I own, the Carvins cover any sound I need.

Dave Rawlings rated this unit 5 on 2002-02-01.

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